Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for considering becoming part of the Telecare family and deciding to make a difference in your community.

“Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”  Margaret Mead

There are 3 ways you can Volunteer at Telecare Distress Line: 

  1. Answer Distress Line Calls 
  2. Be a Board of Directors Member
  3. Help with Fundraising and Resource Development 

1. Answer Distress Lines Calls

To be heard is a wonderful thing. Our distress line volunteers play a significant role in helping callers to cope. Very often, all that is needed is a non-judgmental, reassuring voice at the other end of the phone to help callers feel supported and less alone. Sometimes, that is enough to help them through stressful situations - and may even forestall costly visits to the emergency department.  

Our volunteers need to be caring, compassionate, and non-judgmental and able to honour the promise of confidentiality that we make to our callers.  


Our self-directed training model allows you to work through the training manual at your own pace and convenience, with the support of Telecare staff whenever necessary. The course covers topics such as substance abuse, loneliness, grief and bereavement, mental health concerns, suicide, domestic violence, and most importantly effective communication and listening techniques. Once the training manual is complete, new volunteers partner with experienced volunteers to work through hands-on training in the Call Room.
Ongoing training and volunteer development opportunities are offered regularly to keep skills fresh.
All volunteers are required to submit to an entrance interview and a police records check (at no cost to the volunteer).


We ask for a commitment of 16 hours per month, done in shifts that suit your schedule. Optimally, volunteers will complete two 4-hour daytime shifts and one 8-hour overnight shift per month. Accommodations and special arrangements can absolutely be made if this schedule does not fit with yours. 

 2. Be a Board of Director Member

Telecare is currently looking for additional members of our volunteer Board of Directors. The board is a group of dedicated individuals all with a common interest of helping Telecare Distress Line to provide the best service possible to the communities we serve. Board experience is not required for participation. The board works together to guide Telecare staff in all aspects of the distress line work - from recruitment and training to fundraising and event promotion. 


The Board meets monthly for approximately two hours - generally on the second Monday morning of each month. We break for July and August. Members are also expected to keep up with communications between members when direction is required between meetings.

3. Help with Fundraising and Resource Development 

Telecare receives no regular government support. Funding comes from the generosity of our community donors and grants from foundations and local government. To supplement, Telecare must engage in regular fundraising activities.

Fundraising volunteers will help with special events such as Tag Days, community information tables, and presentations or meetings with donors or prospective donors.

Fundraising volunteers should have some community connections or be interested in developing them. They may also be familiar with the processes of acquiring and renewing donors. The volunteer will also be responsible for promoting the benefits of Telecare in the community.

Volunteers can work independently or at events. The time required is totally at the volunteer’s discretion. The volunteer will work with the support of Telecare staff to ensure they are knowledgeable about Telecare in order to promote it throughout the community.

How To Get Started... 

To get started, click the button at the top of the page to apply online now!
Otherwise, you can 
download a PDF version of the volunteer application and mail it to:

Telecare Distress Line of Greater Simcoe  

Business Office

170 Colborne St. W.,

Orillia, ON.   L3V 2Z3

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